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The new SeeFile UI is efficient in its use of screen real estate and easy to understand.

Our studio takes pride in building client offerings around solid technology. After an exhaustive search and numerous trials, we concluded that SeeFile was the ideal fit for us and our clients.

Other solutions fell into three categories:
1. enterprise solutions so expensive and complex they'd require an IT team to manage.
2. underpowered or 'not-quite-baked' open source options requiring lots of homework to configure or help from a consultant.
3. Lightweight, link-only solutions that do not offer visual browsing of large galleries of images. We also needed a solution that we could afford.

As we surveyed our customers, we learned that a convenient visual interface was the key to helping them make image selections quickly and to clearly know what they would be downloading. An FTP file list simply would not cut it. As part of our workflow, we deliver various resolutions and color models of images. The easy to understand folder navigation has resulted in lots of positive feedback and quick adoption.

Our clients - ad agencies and design firms - are on extremely tight deadlines. SeeFile helped us shave about 6 hours per week managing and waiting for uploads to complete. Hosted on a server on our own network, we upload gigabytes of data in literally minutes while we write the email telling clients their work is ready. "No longer having to 'babysit' the upload process is excellent. We have more time to quality check. If we do need to replace an image, it takes only a few minutes and clients are impressed when we update files on the fly with them on the phone. It has also reduced the number of calls we get on how to 'get the files' from new clients.

We're excited about the new version; especially the updated user interface, custom saved searches, and the ability to email a file link to clients. The new SeeFile UI is efficient in its use of screen real estate and easy to understand. We're even able to drag and drop files directly from Adobe Bridge to upload them to SeeFile which has made it quick to train photo assistants without wasting a lot of time. The developers of SeeFile appear to have listened to studio photographers and then created a complete solution that fits into a professional workflow.

Support has been fantastic. Phone calls and emails have been answered thoroughly and in a timely manner. Managing expectations is a key to success in our business, and it is great when the technology partners you work with also do it well. I'd describe our contacts with the support team as 'beyond responsive' because often they call us to keep us posted on issues and the status of customizations. From the beginning, we've felt very well taken care of.

Installation was super easy. The SeeFile folks remotely accessed our dedicated server and had us up an running in less than 30 minutes. It's been working flawlessly since our launch even with OS software updates and a number of system maintenance restarts.

Daniel Life, Rat Race Studios



 Phone: +1-617-262-2464 

Ten minute installation. Keep your current file structure. Easiest DAM to set up.

Innovative, visual interface tailored for photographers, printers, small agencies, and designers.

media files
Upload all kinds of digital and rich media files to your own secured file system.

mobile interface
Interface designed to be compatible with mobile and touchscreen devices.

Easy client collaboration tools to approve and comment on proofs.

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