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SeeFile is DAM webserver software that is accessed from Web browsers on PCs and Macs.

Installing the webserver software takes as little as 10 minutes, and all administration is done through a Web browser interface. No client-side software is needed to access or administer the system.

The main advantage of SeeFile is that it updates continuously from your filesystem, without requiring uploads at your end. SeeFile lets you make specified areas visible to one or more colleagues, each with their own username and password. The main method of accessing SeeFile is a fixed IP location or URL, which can be linked to your website wherever it is located.

If your ISP does not already provide you with a static IP address, there are DynamicDNS providers who can provide equivalent functions for less than $50 per year. The machine running the SeeFile webserver can be the file server for your workgroup, so it can act as a Web gateway to your in-house production, via SeeFile's built-in preview, upload and download functions.

Image files, PDFs and QuickTime movies all display in thumbnail and expanded views, and folders are clickable just as they are on your desktop. And we haven't stopped there; SeeFile includes advanced features such as a messaging system that lets everyone comment on files and folders, approvals, and a user-defined logo in the upper left of every page.


SeeFile software gives your customers a simple, graphical way to upload and download files from any Mac or PC web browser.  Unlike FTP, everyone can use it without a special program or technical knowledge.  Unlike email attachments, there are no delays in transmitting the files, and no arbitrary limitations on how big they can be. And because the server is local to you, the files arrive right in the folder system of the Macs and PCs on your network.


If you're making PDF proofs for your customers, SeeFile gives you a convenient way to display them and allow them to be downloaded for remote proofing. Customers can download one or more files at once; SeeFile creates clickable Mac or PC archive files from any collection of PDFs, images and other files.


SeeFile automatically makes two levels of preview for each file uploaded or saved to your server -- a thumbnail view for quick comparison, and a larger preview that can be used as an online proof. You set resolutions for these previews, and SeeFile also puts an image watermark on each preview if you don't want them to be printable. Previews are created for PDFs, TIFFs, EPSs, JPEGs -- even QuickTime video files. Because your server's files are continuously updated to the Web, you and local coworkers don’t even need to upload.


SeeFile's unique Messaging tool is a simple way for you and your clients to handle sign-offs or other project-related feedback, with the images and PDFs of the job directly on screen. If you have multiple revisions of a file, SeeFile lets you be clear about which one(s) your comments pertain to, so you can avoid confusion and finger-pointing.  Best of all, messages can be automatically cc'd to any email address, making notification a snap. Unlike FTP, everyone can use it without a special program or technical knowhow.  Unlike email, there are no delays in sending the files, and no arbitrary limitations on how big they can be. And because the server is local to you, the files arrive right in your local folder system.


As the Seefile administrator (don't worry, you don't need to be a techie to do this!) you can easily control which customers can see which folders. A typical setup would be one main folder per customer, with subfolders based on individual jobs.  For larger clients, you can set up different levels of access where individual users can see more subfolders, while others have restricted access to their subfolders.


Unlike expensive digital asset management tools, SeeFile is very easy to customize with your own corporate identity. Just save a 100 x100 pixel image into a pre-set folder, and it becomes the standard logo that users see in the upper left of every SeeFile page. Our Studio, Bureau and Corporate versions let you set up several logos and assign them to users. If Company X is your biggest client, their employees and freelancers will see the Company X logo in SeeFile -- they may even think you build a custom site just for them.  Hey, if that works for you, then it works for us.


 Phone: +1-617-262-2464 

Ten minute installation. Keep your current file structure. Easiest DAM to set up.

Innovative, visual interface tailored for photographers, printers, small agencies, and designers.

media files
Upload all kinds of digital and rich media files to your own secured file system.

mobile interface
Interface designed to be compatible with mobile and touchscreen devices.

Easy client collaboration tools to approve and comment on proofs.

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