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SeeFile is a digital asset management (DAM) solution designed with the customer in mind.

Our solution is by far the easiest DAM to install and implement. It's a snap to set it up to catalog any folders, drives, file servers or network attached storage you may have.

If you always thought that DAM is too difficult, or you simply don't have the time and resources to implement one... Read further and think again.

It takes less than 10 minutes to install SeeFile! It is the fastest DAM solution to install.

SeeFile includes a embedded PostgreSQL database for easy installation. However, if you prefer, you can install SeeFile using a MySQL database.

During the install, an alias to a shared folder called SeeFile Home Directory will be created on your desktop. You can share your documents by dropping files and folders in the alias or you can add your own folder, drive or file server to SeeFile and it will automatically create previews and import metadata. All of this is done respecting your files hierarchy. There is no need to spend hours to archive your media files with our DAM software!

Web access
SeeFile is accessible from any standard web browser, using a domain, a fixed IP address, or a service such as DynDNS if you have a dynamic IP. Setting up your network is as easy as forwarding web traffic (Port 80).

User administration
You can easily create users and set their permissions. You can also restrict them to a specific location by allocating them a home folder. Users can only access their home folders and subfolders. Of course, you can add specific folders outside the home folder if you need to be more flexible with your workflow.

System requirements
The SeeFile server can be installed on any Mac powered by an Intel or PowerPC processor, with OSX Leopard or Snow Leopard. The SeeFile server cannot be installed on a Windows or Linux system. We recommend the following setup for best performances:

  • OSX Snow Leopard
  • Intel Core 2 duo or more
  • 2GB of Memory
  • ATI or NVidia graphic card with 128MB memory or more
  • 7200RPM hard drive or more
  • Fast internet connection for downloads and uploads


 Phone: +1-617-262-2464 

Ten minute installation. Keep your current file structure. Easiest DAM to set up.

Innovative, visual interface tailored for photographers, printers, small agencies, and designers.

media files
Upload all kinds of digital and rich media files to your own secured file system.

mobile interface
Interface designed to be compatible with mobile and touchscreen devices.

Easy client collaboration tools to approve and comment on proofs.

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