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How do I access SeeFile from the computer it is installed on?
Open your preferred browser, Safari or Firefox and go to http://localhost/seefile/ or
Note, the trailing slash is usually necessary.

How do I access Seefile from my network?
Open your browser and go to the http://internalipaddress/seefile/
The internal IP address can be found in the Network tab inside System Preferences.

How do I access Seefile from the Internet?
Open your browser and go to the http://URL/seefile/
The URL is the web address for your Mac server where SeeFile is installed. You can also use the external IP address.

How do I setup Seefile to connect to the Internet?
Most computer networks have routers/firewalls between the computers and the Internet; these network components must be configured to allow poeple to access SeeFile from the Internet. Setup the router to port forward/map port 80 to the internal IP address of the computer running Seefile. A user can now access Seefile by opening a browser and going to http://externalipaddress/seefile/

The external IP address can be found in the router or firewall configuration utility. Note, Internet Service Providers can provide one of two different IP addresses to their clients, either dynamic or static. If you have a dynamic IP address your IP can change at anytime meaning that people on the Internet may no longer know where to find you. There are several methods to fix this issue, upgrade to a static IP address, watch for an IP address change and update your clients, or use a service like DynDNS or NoIP.

My Internet Service Provider blocks port 80, can I use a different port?
If your ISP blocks port 80, but leaves other ports open, then yes. Select a different port and configure your router to forward the open port to port 80 on the Seefile server. Example: external port 8080 | IP | internal port 80.

Can I install SeeFile server on a Linux system?
Unfortunately no, SeeFile uses Apple libraries that are only available in Mac OSX.

Can I install SeeFile with MySQL?
Yes, during the install you can use the customize button to force SeeFile to use MySQL. MySQL must be installed, running and have a root password before installing SeeFile.

What if my staff only uses Windows?
PC's using Windows can access folders on Mac's across the network using windows file sharing, also known as Samba. Make sure that the permissions of the files placed on the SeeFile server from a PC are similar to the ones dropped from a Mac in order to avoid any issues in SeeFile. The most common problem is the group 'other' has no access to the file, therefore, it is impossible to download the file from the Internet.

I don't see any thumbnails, what should I do?
There is a delay between when a file has been added to SeeFile and when the preview is generated depending on how many new files have been added. The first step is to wait and refresh the page. Next, clear the cache in your browser. If the preview is never generated check the list of supported files and make sure that SeeFile supports the file.

Why are videos not generating previews?
SeeFile uses QuickTime to render the previews of the videos. If you installed the codec for QuickTime, but don’t have the previews generated, you can go the system preferences and take a look at QuickTime’s settings. Make sure that the MIME types for the videos are checked.

Another alternative would be to use Perian, which provides a lot of codecs for QuickTime. Please note that if a preview renders, your clients may not be able to play the video due to the fact that they don't have the same codec in their player. We recommend that you use FLV videos to avoid any issues. SeeFile includes its own FLV video player.



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