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SeeFile was founded in 2003 to address what we saw as a clear need for affordable, easy-to-install DAM software that would handle a wide range of file types and creative workflows.

Professionals like commercial and wedding photographers, small advertising agencies and branch offices, video editing companies, and print providers all need a common set of capabilities, at prices that fit with other shrink-wrapped software.

The increasing capabilities of desktop and server computers, and the emergence of next-generation browsers on MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android, convinced us that it should be possible to build a new class of software to address these users' needs. We started to build these tools on OSX (though the vast majority of our code is cross-platform) and released version 1.0 of SeeFile at the end of 2004, with new major versions available in 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2011.

From our background in systems integration and with hundreds of happy customers, we've learned the most important thing we can do is talk to our customers and prospects about their needs and spend time with them to deploy the most efficient solution to their workflow. We continue to provide each client his account manager's cell phone number.



 Phone: +1-617-262-2464 

Ten minute installation. Keep your current file structure. Easiest DAM to set up.

Innovative, visual interface tailored for photographers, printers, small agencies, and designers.

media files
Upload all kinds of digital and rich media files to your own secured file system.

mobile interface
Interface designed to be compatible with mobile and touchscreen devices.

Easy client collaboration tools to approve and comment on proofs.

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