Why choose Seefile?

SeeFile 4 is the perfect solution to publishtrackorganize your photos, images and other media files. SeeFile transforms your Mac into a web server, replacing FTP, email attachments and CD/DVD mailed to your customers.

Be free: 
Your files remain on your computer. There is no need for a host.

Thumbnails and previews are automatically created by SeeFile. In one click, you can see a preview and metadata. supported filesSee supported files

Univeral access from a standard web browser Mac/Windows/Linux.

Online annotations: 
From a low-res preview, a user can select an area and add comments that can be forwarded to your email.

You decide: 
who can upload or download files.

Starting at $499


how to track lost mobile with imei number

Have you misplaced your mobile phone? Have you lost the phone? Or was it stolen by someone else? No matter what the reason is, if you want to find your mobile, it is easier to do. All that you have to have is the IMEI number of your mobile phone. If you have a mobile with a dual sim facility then it will have two IMEI numbers. So, it is important that you take note of both the numbers. Otherwise, if the person who stole the mobile is only using the alternate SIM slot then you cannot track the mobile itself. If you are still confused with the question of how to track lost mobile with IMEI tracker, then you need not worry.

Firstly, when you enter the IMEI number of your phone in a tracker, it matches the data of the mobile phone against the possible cell phones in the region. This data is verified by the server with the other mobile phone service providers in the region. By triangulating the mobile phone signal from the towers, one can find the location correctly. This will be very helpful to find the lost mobile phones and tablets. Use this facility and ensure the safety of your devices.

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IPTV for kodi

Now you can find over 8 kodi live tv addons which will help you stream live tv online. These addons namely ecloudtv, vidtime, film-on simple, ustvnow among the most popular ones. Koditvpro.com has an extensive guide on how to do proper installations of these best live tv kodi addons with ease.