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From freelancers to medium-sized companies, SeeFile provides the easiest digital asset management solution to install and use. It has never been easier to organize, manage and distribute media files via the Internet.

Server license
Server license
Your own DAM cloud. Install SeeFile on your hardware and manage your files on your own network, distributing them via the Internet.

Seefile cloud
Hosted service
Take full advantage of the SeeFile interface without buying the hardware. Manage media files using a simple web browser front end.

30 Day free trial - click here for a tour or here for demo

Many small and midsize companies use SeeFile to manage media assets and communicate with their customers. Here's what they have to say:

“The new SeeFile UI is efficient in its use of screen real estate and easy to understand. We’re even able to drag and drop files directly from Adobe Bridge to upload them to SeeFile which has made it quick to train photo assistants without wasting a lot of time. The developers of SeeFile appear to have listened to studio photographers and then created a complete solution that fits into a professional workflow.”
“My customers are able to review and download proofs if I allow them to, upload their own graphical files to the same folders, and communicate approvals with a click. It’s a phenomenal way to handle a range of client communication issues that in the past, have really limited small graphics firms like mine. I’ve been looking for something like this for years.”

Daniel Life
Rat Race Studios

Igor Perchuk
Image Source Productions




 Phone: +1-617-262-2464 

Ten minute installation. Keep your current file structure. Easiest DAM to set up.

Innovative, visual interface tailored for photographers, printers, small agencies, and designers.

media files
Upload all kinds of digital and rich media files to your own secured file system.

mobile interface
Interface designed to be compatible with mobile and touchscreen devices.

Easy client collaboration tools to approve and comment on proofs.

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